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Nametranscription termination - antitermination Nus factors
DescriptionThis Genome Property describes the set of Nus factors NusA, NusB, and NusG, as well as ribosomal protein S10 which is known as NusE. The name Nus, for N-utilization substance, reflects the phenomenology of exploitation of N factors for phage lambda in Escherichia coli. Much of the literature of these transcription termination/anti-termination factors revolves around the interaction with the transcription termination factor Rho, but factor Rho and cis-acting rho-utilization sites are less well distributed than the N-factors, which are essentially universal in bacteria. In species with Rho, Nus factors improve transcriptase turnover speeds. Nus factors can block Rho action, a process called anti-termination. See GenProp0812 for a treatment of rho-dependent transcription termination.
JCVI RoleTranscription factors
Parent PropertyGenProp0133: nucleic acid metabolism
GenProp0197: protein biosynthesis
Literature References
[ 1 ] Ciampi MS   Rho-dependent terminators and transcription termination.   Microbiology. 2006 Sep;152(Pt 9):2515-28.  PMID 16946247
Gene Ontology TermGO:0006353: transcription termination, DNA-dependent (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
ribosomal protein S10, rpsJ/nusES10/nusEYESTIGR01049 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS10GO:0006353: transcription termination, DNA-dependent
transcription termination factor NusAnusAYESTIGR01953 (HMM): transcription termination factor NusAGO:0006353: transcription termination, DNA-dependent
NusA C-terminal duplicationnusA-CNOTIGR01954 (HMM): transcription termination factor NusA, C-terminal duplication
transcription termination-antitermination factor NusBnusBYESTIGR01951 (HMM): transcription antitermination factor NusBGO:0006353: transcription termination, DNA-dependent
transcription termination-antitermination factor NusGnusGYESTIGR00922 (HMM): transcription termination/antitermination factor NusG
TIGR01956 (HMM): NusG family protein
GO:0006353: transcription termination, DNA-dependent

Parent Properties
GenProp0133nucleic acid metabolism
GenProp0197protein biosynthesis

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