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Namerelease factor 2 programmed frameshift
DescriptionPeptide chain release factor 2, product of the prfB gene (RF2, or PrfB), often has a programmed frameshift. When enough RF2 is present, translation ends at a UGA (amber) stop codon soon after the start. Without sufficient RF2, a translational frameshift occurs, allowing RF2 to be made. UGA codons also play a role in selenocysteine incorporation, but the programmed frameshift in the prfB gene appears much more widespread than selenocysteine incorporation.
JCVI RoleTranslation factors
Parent PropertyGenProp0197: protein biosynthesis
Literature References
[ 1 ]Persson BC, Atkins JF.  Does disparate occurrence of autoregulatory programmed frameshifting in decoding the release factor 2 gene reflect an ancient origin with loss in independent lineages?  J Bacteriol. 1998 Jul;180(13):3462-6.  PMID 9642202

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
release factor 2 programmed frameshiftRF2-pfsYESelease factor 2 (prog_fs)

Parent Properties
GenProp0197protein biosynthesis

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