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Nametranslation termination, bacterial
DescriptionThis Genome Property describes the basic set of bacterial transcription termination factors. Release factor 1 (RF-1, PrfA) should be both universal among bacteria and univerally detected, as should release factor 3 (RF-3). Release factor 2 is a special case. It is truly absent in the Mycoplasmatales, including Mycoplasma genitalium. Its absence means TGA is not recognized as a stop coodon. It codes for Trp instead. However, release factor 2 in most bacteria is encoded by a gene with a programmed frameshift about 25 amino acids from the N-terminus. It may be annotated incorrectly as a truncated or disrupted gene and therefore not detected by its HMM, TIGR00020. A fourth protein included in this genome property is the ribosome recycling factor, which also partipates in processes at the conclusion of bacterial protein translation. This property does not include PrfH, part of a specialized system present only in some bacteria, as it is intended for essentially univeral bacterial termination factors; see instead GenProp0665.
JCVI RoleTranslation factors
Parent PropertyGenProp0197: protein biosynthesis

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
release factor methylasehemKYESTIGR03534 (HMM): protein-(glutamine-N5) methyltransferase, release factor-specific
TIGR00536 (HMM-CLUST): methyltransferase, HemK family
peptide chain release factor 1prfAYESTIGR00019 (HMM): peptide chain release factor 1
peptide chain release factor 2prfBYESTIGR00020 (HMM): peptide chain release factor 2
peptide chain release factor 3prfCYESTIGR00503 (HMM): peptide chain release factor 3
ribosome recycling factorrecycYESTIGR00496 (HMM): ribosome recycling factor

Parent Properties
GenProp0197protein biosynthesis

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