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Nameformate-dependent nitrite reductase, seven-gene type
DescriptionThis property describes a multiheme enzyme, cytochrome c nitrite reductase, and accessory proteins that may or may not be present. This enzyme allows formate-dependent nitrite reduction all the way to ammonia. Three of the accessory proteins are closely homologous to three genes of system I for c-type cytochrome biogenesis. This property describes the system as encoded by a seven-gene operon in Escherichia coli, six of which are modeled explicitly for this property. Several of the genes occur as paralogs of genes from the CcmABCDEFGH c-type cytochrome biogenesis system present in the same genomes. The most distinctive protein from this system is a pentaheme cytochrome c, NrfB, modeled by TIGR03146.
Parent PropertyGenProp0070: energy metabolism
GenProp0202: nitrogen metabolism

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
cytochrome c552NrfAYESPF02335 (HMM): cytochrome c552
penta-heme cytochrome cNrfBYESTIGR03146 (HMM): cytochrome c nitrite reductase, pentaheme subunit
cytochrome c nitrite reductase, NrfC subunitNrfCYESTIGR03149 (HMM): cytochrome c nitrite reductase, Fe-S protein
cytochrome c nitrite reductase, NrfD subunitNrfDYESTIGR03148 (HMM): cytochrome c nitrite reductase, NrfD subunit
accessory protein NrfENrfENOTIGR03145 (HMM): cytochrome c nitrate reductase biogenesis protein NrfE
accessory protein NrfFNrfFYESTIGR03147 (HMM): cytochrome c nitrite reductase, accessory protein NrfF

Parent Properties
GenProp0070energy metabolism
GenProp0202nitrogen metabolism

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