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Namequinoprotein cytochrome relay system
DescriptionThis system features a putative carrier protein, TIGR04557, related to the SoxY and SoxZ carrier complex of the sulfate oxidation cycle, as well as PQQ-dependent enzymes that have a Cys-Cys motif, and specialized cytochromes involved in electron transport. Authentic SoxY (see TIGR04488) is a carrier protein for sulfur oxidation, with a covalent attachment site near its C-terminus, a Cys residue in the context GGCGG or GGCG. The carrier Cys of SoxY is conserved in TIGR04557, but what might be attached in the latter is unknown. Note that GenProp0895 (alcohol ABC transporter, PedABC-type) describes a four-gene operon closely tied to this system.
Parent PropertyGenProp0070: energy metabolism
Literature References
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Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
probable periplasmic binding proteinqu_ABCbnNOTIGR03871 (HMM): quinoprotein dehydrogenase-associated probable ABC transporter substrate-binding protein
relay cytochromequin_CytYESTIGR03874 (HMM): c-type cytochrome, methanol metabolism-related
TIGR04494 (HMM): cytochrome c-550 PedF
PQQ-dependent dehydrogenase, CysCys motif familyquin_PQQYESTIGR03075 (HMM): PQQ-dependent dehydrogenase, methanol/ethanol family
SoxYZ-like carrierquin_YZYESTIGR04557 (HMM): quinoprotein dehydrogenase-associated SoxYZ-like carrier
quinoprotein relay system zinc metallohydrolasequin_ZnYESTIGR04558 (HMM): quinoprotein relay system zinc metallohydrolase 1
TIGR04559 (HMM): quinoprotein relay system zinc metallohydrolase 2

Parent Properties
GenProp0070energy metabolism

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