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Nameouter membrane
DescriptionYES NO This property reflects the characteristic of having a second membrane, outside the bacterial inner membrane, as in most bacteria. By definition, an outer membrane must exist to create a periplasmic space and to have periplasmic and/or outer membrane proteins. The state is NO for archaea and for bacteria of Gram-positive lineage (whether or not the cells retain the Gram stain) but appears to be true for all other bacteria. This property can be used for annotation consistency checks. The state NO is incompatible with the terms periplasmic and outer membrane in protein names.
Parent PropertyGenProp0069: cell surface component
Gene Ontology TermGO:0019867: outer membrane (cellular_component)

Parent Properties
GenProp0069cell surface component

Child Properties
GenProp0053type II secretion
GenProp0542Tol-Pal system

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