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DescriptionA capsule is an organized, covalently-linked, polysaccharide-based cell surface structure in many types of bacteria. A capsule may protect a bacterial pathogen from host immune defenses, and is often the most important virulance factor. Capsules often differ dramatically in fine chemical structure between otherwise closely related bacteria. Note that extracellular polysaccharide (EPS) is not synonymous with capsule - it may not be attached and may be able to sluff of as slime. The state set for this property must always be set according to strain-specific information. Because the term capsule is also used for the analogous proteinaceous capsule of F1 antigen (Caf1) in Yersinia pestis, the state proteinaceous is allowed. This may be split in the future into a separate property.
Parent PropertyGenProp0069: cell surface component
GenProp0074: virulence
Gene Ontology TermGO:0030113: capsule (sensu Bacteria) (cellular_component)
GO:0045230: capsule organization (biological_process)

Parent Properties
GenProp0069cell surface component

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