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NameS-layer homology domain-mediated cell wall binding
DescriptionTwo classes of S-layer homology domain (SLH) proteins are S-layer proteins themselves and porin-like outer membrane proteins with N-terminal SLH domains. Mesnage, et al. [1] have shown that CsaB (cell surface anchoring B) in Bacillus anthracis catalyzes a pyruvyl group addition to an LPS-associated polysaccharide, an addition that enables non-covalent binding by SLH domain proteins to the cell wall. We have built the model TIGR03609, representing a special clade within the larger family described by Pfam model PF04230, and find that it tracks closely with the SLH domain in its phylogenetic distribution.
Parent PropertyGenProp0069: cell surface component
GenProp0795: carbohydrate biosynthesis
Literature References
[ 1 ] Mesnage S, Fontaine T, Mignot T, Delepierre M, Mock M, Fouet A   Bacterial SLH domain proteins are non-covalently anchored to the cell surface via a conserved mechanism involving wall polysaccharide pyruvylation.   EMBO J. 2000 Sep 1;19(17):4473-84.  PMID 10970841
Gene Ontology TermGO:0042545: cell wall modification (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
S-layer homology domainS_layerYESPF00395 (HMM): SLH domain protein
polysaccharide pyruvyl transferaseS_polyYESTIGR03609 (HMM): polysaccharide pyruvyl transferase CsaBGO:0042545: cell wall modification

Parent Properties
GenProp0069cell surface component
GenProp0795carbohydrate biosynthesis

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