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Nameheterocyst-related ABC exporter DevBCA
DescriptionMost genomes in which the set of three tandemly-encoded genes for the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) exporter complex similar to the DevBCA complex of Anabaena are Cyanobacteria capable of heterocyst formation. Roughly every tenth cell in colonies of certain species of cyanobacteria differentiate into heterocysts under conditions of nitrogen starvation, with a loss of CO2 fixation, reduction of O2 permeability, and development of the ability to fix nitrogen. The DevBCA transporter most likely acts by exporting a glycolipid (or an enzyme) specific to heterocyst formation.
JCVI RoleUnknown substrate
Parent PropertyGenProp0071: transport
Literature References
[ 1 ]Fiedler G, Muro-Pastor AM, Flores E, Maldener I  NtcA-dependent expression of the devBCA operon, encoding a heterocyst-specific ATP-binding cassette transporter in Anabaena spp.  J Bacteriol. 2001 Jun;183(12):3795-9.  PMID 11371545

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
ABC exporter ATP-binding subunit, DevA familyDevAYESTIGR02982 (HMM): ABC exporter ATP-binding subunit, DevA family
ABC exporter membrane fusion protein, DevB familyDevBYESTIGR02971 (HMM): ABC exporter membrane fusion protein, DevB family
ABC exporter, DevC family proteinDevCYESTIGR01185 (HMM): ABC exporter transmembrane subunit, DevC protein

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