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Nameputative Na:solute symporter two-gene cassette
DescriptionThis Genome Property describes an unusual two-gene cassette for a probable transporter system. The longer protein belongs to the sodium:solute symporter family. The shorter, found almost invariably immediately upstream, is highly hydrophobic but uncharacterized. The pair is found in about one in six completed prokaryotic genomes.
JCVI RoleUnknown substrate
Parent PropertyGenProp0071: transport

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
Na+/solute symporter, large subunitsodi_LYESTIGR03648 (HMM): probable sodium:solute symporter, VC_2705 subfamily
Na+/solute symporter, small subunitsodi_SYESTIGR03647 (HMM): putative solute:sodium symporter small subunit

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