Genome Property Definition Page

NameUnknown biological process
DescriptionGroups of homologous genes may be associated by their proximity and co-directionality in a number of phylogenetically diverse genomes. A reasonable hypothesis is that these genes act in a related biological process. When none of the genes in such a syntenic grouping have a characterized biological process they may still be used to create a Genome Property and will be children of this category.
Parent PropertyGenProp0065: genome properties

Parent Properties
GenProp0065genome properties

Child Properties
GenProp0470sporadically distributed four-gene operon
GenProp0471uncharacterized gene pair TIGR02683/TIGR02684
GenProp0472uncharacterized gene pair TIGR02687/TIGR02688
GenProp0627gene pair involved in iron and oxygen metabolism
GenProp0665peptide chain release operon, RctB-like/PrfH
GenProp0751Acidobacterial ADOP/PadR gene pairs
GenProp0790sporadic pair TIGR03545/TIGR03546
GenProp0798Enterococcus/Aeromonas extended locus
GenProp0830integral membrane mystery pair
GenProp0854ParB-rel/ThiF-rel cassette PRTRC
GenProp0868uncharacterized protein pair with twin-arg and repeat
GenProp0894Actinobacterial uncharacterized trio
GenProp0916radical SAM/uncharacterized protein TIGR03936 system
GenProp0940metallo-mystery pair
GenProp0959radical SAM/uncharacterized protein TIGR04002 system
GenProp0965YedE/YedF selenium handling system
GenProp1063Memo/AMMECR1/rSAM family trio system
GenProp1066uncharacterized cassette GAK (Grasp, Amphipathic, Kinase)
GenProp1086Firmicutes/Treponema mobile radical SAM system

Sibling Properties
GenProp0064biological niche
GenProp0066selfish genetic elements
GenProp0067quantitative content
GenProp0069cell surface component
GenProp0073cell motility
GenProp0076DNA handling
GenProp0167cellular growth, organization and division
GenProp0551regulatory systems
GenProp0864response to external environment
GenProp1048quorum-sensing, biofilm formation, and developmental systems
GenProp1067Defense systems