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NameAcidobacterial ADOP/PadR gene pairs
DescriptionThis property represents the presence of a characteristic gene pair, found in large paralogous families in several species of Acidobacteria. One component is a putative transcriptional regulator related to PadR (TIGR03433). The other is ADOP, or Acidobacterial duplicated orphan permease (TIGR03434), an integral membrane protein related to ABC transporter permease components such as LolC, MacB, and FtsX but orphaned in the sense of not being found next to ATP-binding cassette (ABC) proteins. The function is unknown.
JCVI RoleUnknown substrate
Parent PropertyGenProp0475: Unknown biological process

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
TIGR03434ADOPYESTIGR03434 (HMM): acidobacterial duplicated orphan permease
transcriptional regulator, Acidobacterial, PadR-familyPadRYESTIGR03433 (HMM): transcriptional regulator, Acidobacterial, PadR-family

Parent Properties
GenProp0475Unknown biological process

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