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Nameradical SAM/uncharacterized protein TIGR04002 system
DescriptionThe partner protein belongs to a family in which characterized members are the substrate specificity-conferring (often interchangeable) module of energy coupling factor (ECF)-type transporters. Two ATP-binding cassette proteins and the T component (see PF02361) provide the rest of the transport system. The radical SAM protein is uncharacterized but is likely to modify what the ECF system imports.
Parent PropertyGenProp0475: Unknown biological process
Literature References
[ 1 ]Rodionov DA, Hebbeln P, Eudes A, ter Beek J, Rodionova IA, Erkens GB, Slotboom DJ, Gelfand MS, Osterman AL, Hanson AD, Eitinger T  A novel class of modular transporters for vitamins in prokaryotes.  J Bacteriol. 2009 Jan;191(1):42-51. doi: 10.1128/JB.01208-08.  PMID 18931129

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
ECF transport S componentpartnerYESTIGR04002 (HMM): TIGR04002 family protein
uncharacterized radical SAM proteinrSAMYESTIGR04100 (HMM): radical SAM enzyme, TIGR04100 family

Parent Properties
GenProp0475Unknown biological process

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