Genome Property Definition Page

NameFirmicutes/Treponema mobile radical SAM system
DescriptionThis Genome Property is a cassette of two tandem radical SAM enzymes of unknown function, usually accompanied by a MarR family transcriptional regulator. Species with the system include both members of the genus Treponema from the human oral microbiome and from the phylum Firmicutes (class Clostridia) from gut microbiome. Sequence identity for enzymes spanning this taxonomic divide can exceed 95 percent, certain to indicate lateral gene transfer.
Parent PropertyGenProp0475: Unknown biological process

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
mobile rSAM pair MarR family regulatorFT_MarRYESTIGR04472 (HMM): mobile rSAM pair MarR family regulator
radical SAM mobile pair protein AFTsam1YESTIGR04471 (HMM): radical SAM mobile pair protein A
radical SAM mobile pair protein BFTsam2YESTIGR04470 (HMM): radical SAM mobile pair protein B

Parent Properties
GenProp0475Unknown biological process

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