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NamemreBCD system
DescriptionThe bacterial MreBCD proteins are involved in rod shape determination and have a postulated role in the regulation of septum-specific peptidoglycan synthesis [1]. Members of the actin-like MreB family of proteins localize as a helical filament in bacteria and are important for determining cylindrical cell shape. Recent results show that new cell wall biosynthesis occurs along a helical track dependent on one of these actin homologs, providing new insights into bacterial cell growth, division and shape [2]. MreC and MreD are membrane-associated proteins. MreC is an essential gene in B. subtilis; cells lacking sufficient quantities of MreC undergo morphological changes, namely, swelling and twisting of the cells, which is followed by cell lysis [3]. MreC and MreD may be involved in the regulation of cell-shape-related protease expression [5]. There is evidence of the existence of a separate rod-shape determining system in rod-shaped bacteria lacking the MreBCD system [4].
JCVI RoleCell division
Parent PropertyGenProp0167: cellular growth, organization and division
Literature References
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Gene Ontology TermGO:0008360: regulation of cell shape (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
MreB proteinmreBYESTIGR00904 (HMM): cell shape determining protein, MreB/Mrl familyGO:0008360: regulation of cell shape
MreC proteinmreCYESTIGR00219 (HMM): rod shape-determining protein MreCGO:0008360: regulation of cell shape
MreD proteinmreDYESTIGR03426 (HMM): rod shape-determining protein MreDGO:0008360: regulation of cell shape
penicillin-binding protein 2pbp2NOTIGR03423 (HMM): penicillin-binding protein 2GO:0008360: regulation of cell shape
rod shape-determining protein RodArodANOTIGR02210 (HMM): rod shape-determining protein RodAGO:0008360: regulation of cell shape

Parent Properties
GenProp0167cellular growth, organization and division

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