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Nameintracytoplasmic membranes
DescriptionSome bacteria have intracytoplasmic membranes. Cyanobacteria have thylakoid membranes for photosynthesis. Planctomycetes have internal membranes as well. The anammoxosome in Planctomycetes is bound by a single layer membrane containing ladderane lipid.
Parent PropertyGenProp0167: cellular growth, organization and division
Literature References
[ 1 ]van Niftrik LA, Fuerst JA, Sinninghe Damste JS, Kuenen JG, Jetten MS, Strous M  The anammoxosome: an intracytoplasmic compartment in anammox bacteria.  FEMS Microbiol Lett 2004 Apr 1;233(1):7-13.  PMID 15098544

Parent Properties
GenProp0167cellular growth, organization and division

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