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Namegas vesicle
DescriptionGas vesicles are gas-filled hollow protein structures, visible by phase-contrast microscopy, that confer bouyancy. They occur in cyanobacteria, anoxyphototrophic bacteria, halophilic archaea, at least one soil bacterium (Bacillus megaterium). GvpA and GvpC are the characterized structural proteins, but it seems at least 10 genes are required.
JCVI RoleOther
Parent PropertyGenProp0167: cellular growth, organization and division

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
gas vesicle structural protein GvpCGvpCYESPF01304 (HMM): gas vesicles protein GVPc repeated domain
PF05465 (HMM): halobacterial gas vesicle protein C repeat
TIGR02641 (HMM): gas vesicle protein GvpC repeat
gas vesicle protein, GvpG familyGvpG_fmNOPF05120 (HMM): gas vesicle protein G
gas vesicle protein, GvpK familyGvpKNOPF05121 (HMM): gas vesicle protein K
gas vesicle protein GvpNGvpNNOTIGR02640 (HMM): gas vesicle protein GvpN
gas vesicle protein, GvpO familyGvpONOPF05800 (HMM): gas vesicle synthesis protein GvpO
gas vesicle protein, GvpL/GvpF familyGvp_L_FNOPF06386 (HMM): gas vesicle protein, GvpL/GvpF family
gas vesicle major structural protein GvpAMAJORYESPF00741 (HMM): gas vesicle protein

Parent Properties
GenProp0167cellular growth, organization and division

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