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NameminCDE system
DescriptionThe MinCDE proteins are organized into extended membrane-associated coiled structures that wind around the cell between the two poles. These structures, and changes (pole-to-pole oscillations) in the distribution of the MinCDE proteins within them over time are required for the proper placement of the cell division septum at midcell [1,2]. This system is aparrently absent from Archaea, Actinobacteria, Bacteroides, Chlamydia, Staphylococci, Steptococci, Mollicutes and Spirochaetes.
JCVI RoleCell division
Parent PropertyGenProp0167: cellular growth, organization and division
Literature References
[ 1 ]Shih YL, Le T, Rothfield L.  Division site selection in Escherichia coli involves dynamic redistribution of Min proteins within coiled structures that extend between the two cell poles.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2003 Jun 24; 100(13): 7865-70. Epub 2003 May 23.  PMID 12766229
[ 2 ]Kruse K.  A dynamic model for determining the middle of Escherichia coli.  Biophys J. 2002 Feb; 82(2): 618-27.  PMID 11806906
Gene Ontology TermGO:0000918: barrier septum site selection (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
MinC proteinminCYESTIGR01222 (HMM): septum site-determining protein MinCGO:0000918: barrier septum site selection
MinD proteinminDYESTIGR01968 (HMM): septum site-determining protein MinDGO:0000918: barrier septum site selection
MinE proteinminEYESTIGR01215 (HMM): cell division topological specificity factor MinEGO:0000918: barrier septum site selection

Parent Properties
GenProp0167cellular growth, organization and division

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