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NameATP-dependent protease HslVU
DescriptionHslVU, also known as ClpQY, is an ATP-dependent protease that resembles proteasomes. The ATPase HslU acts in protein unfolding, while the threonine-type endopeptidase HslV is homologous to the proteasome beta subunit and acts in protein degradation. Members of this family frequently are described as heat shock proteins.
JCVI RoleDegradation of proteins, peptides, and glycopeptides
Parent PropertyGenProp0301: protein degradation
Literature References
[ 1 ] Seol JH, Yoo SJ, Shin DH, Shim YK, Kang MS, Goldberg AL, Chung CH   The heat-shock protein HslVU from Escherichia coli is a protein-activated ATPase as well as an ATP-dependent proteinase.   Eur J Biochem. 1997 Aug 1;247(3):1143-50.  PMID 9288941
Gene Ontology TermGO:0006510: ATP-dependent proteolysis (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
ATP-dependent protease HslVU, ATPase subunithslUYESTIGR00390 (HMM): ATP-dependent protease HslVU, ATPase subunitGO:0006510: ATP-dependent proteolysis
ATP-dependent protease HslVU, peptidase subunithslVYESTIGR03692 (HMM): ATP-dependent protease HslVU, peptidase subunitGO:0006510: ATP-dependent proteolysis

Parent Properties
GenProp0301protein degradation

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