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NameE. coli O-antigen biosynthesis
DescriptionIn E. coli biosynthesis of the O-antigen consists of initiation by ligation of (usually) N-acetyl-glucosamine to undecaprenylphosphate (Und-P) to form Und-PP-GlcNAc, followed by O-antigen specific ligation of several nucleotide triphosphate sugars onto the initiating GlcNAc residue. The completed Und-PP-O-antigen monomer is transferred to the periplasmic face of the membrane, polymerized and ligated to the lipid A outer core by one of three systems: The Wzy-dependent path consisting of Wzx, Wzy, and Wzz; the ABC-transporter-dependent pathway and the synthase-dependent pathway. The Wzy-pathway is most common in E. coli.
Parent PropertyGenProp0297: lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
O-antigen export systemExportYESGenProp0968 (GENPROP): O-antigen polymerization/export system wzx/wzy/wzz
Initiation: Und-PP-GlcNAc formationInitYESGenProp0970 (GENPROP): biosynthesis of Und-PP-GlcNAc
ligation to Lipid A coreLigateYESPF04932 (HMM): O-antigen ligase
O-antigen monomer biosynthesisO-agYESGenProp0913 (GENPROP): E. coli O-antigen monomer biosynthesis clusters

Parent Properties
GenProp0297lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis

Child Properties
GenProp0913E. coli O-antigen monomer biosynthesis clusters

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