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NameLeptospira core LPS elements
DescriptionThese components of Leptospira Lipopolysaccharide are shared among all analyzed Leptospira serovars. Currently, this includes only L. interrogans (Lai str. 56601, ntli02 and Copenageni str. Fiocruz, ntli03), borgpetersenii (Hardjo-Bovis L550, ntlb02 and JB1976m ntlb03), and biflexa Patoc 1 (Paris, ntlb05 and Ames, ntlb06).
Parent PropertyGenProp0297: lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
Lipid A 4(prime) phosphatase4-PpaseNO
NAD dependent epimerase/dehydratase, LLPSF_EDH_00002 familyEDH0002YES2777 (RULE_BASE)

2777 (RULE_BASE)
UDP-GlcNAc3N biosynthesis from UDP-GlcNAc (GnnAB)GlcNAc3NYESGenProp0924 (GENPROP):
KDO2-Lipid A biosynthesis, basic elementsKDOLipAYESGenProp0204 (GENPROP): KDO(2)-lipid A (Re LPS) biosynthesis and delivery
Lipid-A 1-methyltransferase (O-methylphosphate-forming)LmtAYES2800 (RULE_BASE)
MarR-like transcriptional regulator, LLPSF_REG_00001 familyREG0001YESTIGR04176 (HMM): EPS-associated transcriptional regulator, MarR family
UDP-GlcNAc biosynthesisUGlcNAcYESGenProp0750 (GENPROP): UDP-N-acetylglucosamine biosynthesis from fructose-6-phosphate

Parent Properties
GenProp0297lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis

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