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Nameheme metabolism pair HutWX
DescriptionThe hutW and hutX genes are found in Vibrio cholerae next to hutZ, which is essential for heme utilization. HutW is homologous to the heme carrier protein HemS, while HutW is homologous to (but does not complement) the heme biosynthesis protein HemN. The gene pair is occasionally fused, and may perform a salvage-like function, converting one form of heme into another. HutZ, which resembles the PPOX class heme oxidase HugZ, accompanies roughly half of the occurrences of HutW and HutX.
Parent PropertyGenProp0820: iron metabolism
Gene Ontology TermGO:0042168: heme metabolic process (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
heme utilization radical SAM enzyme HutWHutWYESTIGR04107 (HMM): putative heme utilization radical SAM enzyme HutWGO:0042168: heme metabolic process
putative heme utilization carrier protein HutXHutXYESTIGR04108 (HMM): putative heme utilization carrier protein HutXGO:0042168: heme metabolic process
heme utilization protein HutZHutZNOTIGR04110 (HMM): heme utilization protein HutZGO:0042168: heme metabolic process

Parent Properties
GenProp0820iron metabolism

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