Genome Property Definition Page

Nameinitial sites of transmission to host
DescriptionThe organs, tissues, cell types or other structures of the host at which the organism gains access to the host. This is not necessarily a site where the organism is metabolically active, or where the primary site of growth within the host is localized.
Parent PropertyGenProp0497: host-associated niche

Parent Properties
GenProp0497host-associated niche

Child Properties
GenProp0574transmission via lung tissue
GenProp0575transmission via wounded dermal tissue
GenProp0576transmission via gastrointestinal (GI) tract
GenProp0577transmission via the genitourinary (GU) tract
GenProp0578transmission via the oral cavity
GenProp0579transmission via the nasal passages

Sibling Properties
GenProp0502sites of growth within host
GenProp0518host range
GenProp0519host-symbiote relationship types
GenProp0520relationship to host cell
GenProp0568mode of transmission to host