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Namehost-associated niche
DescriptionA context for the growth of an organism in which the environment is dominated by another biological organism (the host). This is distinct from collections of organisms living in complex communities on abiotic substrates such as certain biofilms. Types of host-associations (symbiosis) include commensalism (having no effect on the host), mutualism (having benefit for the host) and pathogenesis (causing detriment to the host). Organisms may live in both host-associated and host-independent niches.
Parent PropertyGenProp0064: biological niche

Parent Properties
GenProp0064biological niche

Child Properties
GenProp0502sites of growth within host
GenProp0518host range
GenProp0519host-symbiote relationship types
GenProp0520relationship to host cell
GenProp0568mode of transmission to host
GenProp0573initial sites of transmission to host

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