Genome Property Definition Page

Namehost range
DescriptionGenome Properties organized under this one describe taxonomic terms corresponding to hosts with which the sequenced organism may be associated. NOTE: the lack of an assertion does not imply that the host range does not include species in that taxonomic grouping, only that nothing has been curated.
Parent PropertyGenProp0497: host-associated niche

Parent Properties
GenProp0497host-associated niche

Child Properties
GenProp0498animal (Metazoa) associated niche
GenProp0499plant (Viridiplantae) associated niche
GenProp0563bacteria associated niche

Sibling Properties
GenProp0502sites of growth within host
GenProp0519host-symbiote relationship types
GenProp0520relationship to host cell
GenProp0568mode of transmission to host
GenProp0573initial sites of transmission to host