Genome Property Definition Page

NamedTDP-3-acetamidofucose (dTDP-Fuc3NAc) biosynthesis from dTDP-3-aminofucose
DescriptiondTDP-3-acetamidofucose is the precursor of 3-acetamidofucose (D-Fuc3NAc), a sugar observed in a number of O-antigen and other sugar polymers. The immediate precursor of dTDP-Fuc3NAc, dTDP-3-aminofucose is used to generate more than one different product, so this Property only encompasses the final step from that branch point.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
dTDP-3-aminofucose 3N-acetyltransferaseFdtCYESPF00132 (HMM-CLUST): transferase hexapeptide repeat
2849 (RULE_BASE)
source of dTDP-3-aminofucoseFuc3NYESGenProp0951 (GENPROP): dTDP-3-aminofucose biosynthesis from 4,6-dideoxy-4-oxo-dTDP-D-glucose