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Namexanthine catabolism to urate
DescriptionThe committed step in the catabolism of purines is the oxidation of the purine ring of xanthine (via hypoxanthine) to urate (uric acid). The xanthine may result from the deamination of guanine (or hypoxanthine from adenine), or may be imported via a permease. Several systems exist for the conversion of xanthine to urate including the XdhABC xanthine dehydrogenase complex (GenProp0640), xanthine oxidase and other less well-described oxidoreductases.
Parent PropertyGenProp0700: purine catabolism via urate, xanthine and allantoin

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
xanthine conversion to urate (uric acid)X->UYESGenProp0640 (GENPROP): xanthine dehydrogenase
source of xanthineXan-inYESTIGR03173 (HMM): xanthine permease
TIGR01178 (HMM): adenine deaminase
TIGR02967 (HMM): guanine deaminase

Parent Properties
GenProp0700purine catabolism via urate, xanthine and allantoin