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Nameprotein sorting system, CGP-CTERM/unknown of Thermococcaceae
DescriptionThis C-terminal protein sorting signal domain CGP-CTERM (TIGR04288) is restricted to the the family Thermococcaceae (including Thermococcus, Pyrococcus, and Palaeococcus) within the Euryarchaeota. It may be universal in that family. The sorting family is unknown. By analogy to the sortase, exosortase/archaeosortase, and rhombosortase systems, it is predicted that some protein sorting and processing enzyme recognizes and cleaves the C-terminal region. The unknown putative sorting enzyme may act as a transpeptidase.
Parent PropertyGenProp0179: protein transport
GenProp1080: protein O-heptosyltransferase with autotransporter target

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
unknown sorting enzyme for CGP-CTERM domainCGP_sortNO
CGP-CTERM domainCGP_termYESTIGR04288 (HMM): CGP-CTERM domain
Cys-rich CGP-CTERM proteinGCP_ANOTIGR04292 (HMM): heavy-Cys/CGP-CTERM domain protein

Parent Properties
GenProp0179protein transport
GenProp1080protein O-heptosyltransferase with autotransporter target

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