Genome Property Definition Page

Nameabortive infection proteins
DescriptionAn abortive infection system is any system that interferes with the ability of a phage to replicate successfully after it has infected a prokaryotic cell. Mechanisms vary widely, and may include blockage of a specific step in phage replication, or else shutdown and/or death of the host cell. This Genome Property is designed as a guild for proteins that have been described in publications as abortive infection proteins and that do not belong to CRISPR or restriction enzyme systems.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
abortive infection proteinABIYESPF13958 (HMM): toxin ToxN, type III toxin-antitoxin system
TIGR04498 (HMM): abortive infection protein, AbiV family
PF14253 (HMM): bacteriophage abortive infection protein AbiH