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Namethiosulfate oxidation to sulfate
DescriptionThe sulfate ion consists of one sulfur (S) and four bound oxygen (O). In thiosulfate, one O is replace by S. This property describes the oxidation of thiosulfate to sulfate. In most species, sulfur oxidation begins further upstream, with sulfide or elemental sulfur. Molecular markers of those processes are not included here. Key proteins in thiosulfate oxidation to sulfate include SoxA, SoxB, SoxX, SoxY, and SoxZ. SoxYZ is a heterodimer. SoxXA is a heterodimeric c-type cytochrome. SoxB is monomeric.
JCVI RoleOther
Literature References
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Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
sulfur oxidation c-type cytochrome SoxASoxAYESTIGR04484 (HMM): sulfur oxidation c-type cytochrome SoxA
sulfur oxidation protein SoxBSoxBYESTIGR04486 (HMM): thiosulfohydrolase SoxB
sulfur oxidation c-type cytochrome SoxXSoxXYESTIGR04485 (HMM): sulfur oxidation c-type cytochrome SoxX
sulfur oxidation protein SoxYSoxYYESTIGR04488 (HMM): thiosulfate oxidation carrier protein SoxY
sulfur oxidation protein SoxZSoxZYESTIGR04490 (HMM): thiosulfate oxidation carrier complex protein SoxZ