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NametRNA(Pro) cmo5UGG modification
DescriptionThe tRNA methyltransferases CmoA and CmoB, usually encoded by tandem genes, work together to complete a tRNA wobble position modification, uridine-5-oxyacetic acid (cmo5U). This modification was shown to allow a tRNA(Pro) to recognize all four proline codons. This system has a fairly narrow taxonomic range, including E. coli, in which cmoA and cmoB occur but are not essential.
JCVI RoletRNA and rRNA base modification
Parent PropertyGenProp0819: RNA metabolism
Literature References
[ 1 ]Nasvall SJ, Chen P, Bjork GR  The modified wobble nucleoside uridine-5-oxyacetic acid in tRNAPro(cmo5UGG) promotes reading of all four proline codons in vivo.  RNA. 2004 Oct;10(10):1662-73.  PMID 15383682
Gene Ontology TermGO:0006400: tRNA modification (biological_process)

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
tRNA (cmo5U34)-methyltransferasecmoAYESTIGR00740 (HMM): tRNA (cmo5U34)-methyltransferaseGO:0006400: tRNA modification
tRNA (mo5U34)-methyltransferasecmoBYESTIGR00452 (HMM): tRNA (mo5U34)-methyltransferaseGO:0006400: tRNA modification

Parent Properties
GenProp0819RNA metabolism

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