Genome Property Definition Page

NameFxS-tail radical SAM-containing system
DescriptionThis property includes a radical SAM enzyme, a long protein (~ 1300 amino acids) with a C-terminal TPR repeat region, and a very short protein with an FxS motif at its C-terminus.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
FxSxx system tetratricopeptide repeat proteinFxS_TPRYES
FXSXX-COOH proteinFxsAYESTIGR04268 (HMM): FXSXX-COOH protein
radical SAM enzyme FxsBFxsBYESTIGR04269 (HMM): radical SAM/SPASM domain protein, FxsB family
FxsC protein, C-terminal domainFxsC_CNOTIGR04276 (HMM): FxsC C-terminal domain
FxsC protein, N-terminal domainFxsC_NYES