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Nameradical SAM/SPASM system GeoRSP
DescriptionThis Genome Property represents a functional cassette (with unknown boundaries) in several species of Geobacter, in genomic regions that include high-molecular-weight cytochrome c family proteins. The cassette has a PqqD family protein, a radical SAM/SPASM domain protein similar to PqqE, and an additional SPASM domain protein that appears also to have a degenerate radical SAM-like region. Unlike the SynChlorMet system, with similar components, no putative precursor peptide for ribosomal natural product formation has been found.
Parent PropertyGenProp0063: biosynthesis

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
GeoRSP system PqqD family proteinGeoPqqDYESTIGR04302 (HMM): GeoRSP system PqqD family protein
GeoRSP system SPASM domain proteinGeoSPASYESTIGR04304 (HMM): GeoRSP system SPASM domain protein
GeoRSP system radical SAM/SPASM proteinGeorSAMYESTIGR04303 (HMM): GeoRSP system radical SAM/SPASM protein

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