Genome Property Definition Page

Nameadenovirus protein set
DescriptionThe Adenoviridae are medium-sized non-enveloped DNA viruses, with core proteins shared universally, plus additional proteins particular to different subclasses.
Literature References
[ 1 ]Davison AJ, Benko M, Harrach B  Genetic content and evolution of adenoviruses.  J Gen Virol. 2003 Nov;84(Pt 11):2895-908.  PMID 14573794

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
adenovirus late 100kD protein100KYESPF02438 (HMM): late 100kD protein
adenovirus 33K protein33KYESPF11081 (HMM): PF11081 family
adenovirus L1 52/55-kilodalton protein52KYESPF03052 (HMM): adenoviral protein L1 52/55-kDa
adenovirus DNA-binding proteinDBPYES
adenovirus penton base proteinIIIYESPF01686 (HMM): adenovirus penton base protein
adenovirus IVa2 proteinIVa2YESPF02456 (HMM): adenovirus IVa2 protein
adenovirus fiber proteinfiberYESPF00541 (HMM): adenoviral fiber protein, knob domain
adenovirus hexon proteinhexonYESPF01065 (HMM): hexon, adenovirus major coat protein, N-terminal domain
adenovirus hexon-associated protein IIIapIIIaYESPF02455 (HMM): hexon-associated protein
adenovirus pre-terminal proteinpTPYESPF02459 (HMM): adenoviral DNA terminal protein
adenovirus minor capsid protein VIpVIYESPF02993 (HMM): minor capsid protein VI
adenovirus core protein VIIpVIIYESPF03228 (HMM): adenoviral core protein VII
adenovirus hexon-associated protein VIIIpVIIIYESPF01310 (HMM): adenovirus hexon associated protein, protein VIII
adenovirus late L2 mu core protein (Protein X)pXYESPF05829 (HMM): adenovirus late L2 mu core protein
adenovirus pol proteinpolYES
adenovirus endoproteaseproteasYESPF00770 (HMM): adenovirus endoprotease