Genome Property Definition Page

Nameseadornavirus protein set
DescriptionThe seadornavirus group belongs to the parent group Reoviridae, and more specifically, subgroup B in the Coltivirus group. Examples include Banna virus, Kadipiro virus, and Liao ning virus. The VP-series names differ, so Banna virus designations will be used when a functional name cannot be assigned. These segmented RNA viruses have twelve segments with one recognized coding region on each.
Literature References
[ 1 ]Attoui H, Billoir F, Biagini P, de Micco P, de Lamballerie X  Complete sequence determination and genetic analysis of Banna virus and Kadipiro virus: proposal for assignment to a new genus (Seadornavirus) within the family Reoviridae.  J Gen Virol. 2000 Jun;81(Pt 6):1507-15.  PMID 10811934

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
RNA-dependent RNA polymeraseVP1YESTIGR04234 (HMM): RNA-directed RNA polymerase
seadornavirus VP10 proteinVP10YESPF07322 (HMM): seadornavirus Vp10
seadornavirus VP11 proteinVP11YESTIGR04230 (HMM): seadornavirus VP11 protein
seadornavirus dsRNA-binding proteinVP12YESTIGR04238 (HMM): seadornavirus double-stranded RNA-binding protein
seadornavirus VP2 proteinVP2YESTIGR04236 (HMM): seadornavirus VP2 protein
seadornavirus VP3 proteinVP3YESTIGR04232 (HMM): seadornavirus VP3 protein
seadornavirus VP4 proteinVP4YESTIGR04235 (HMM): seadornavirus VP4 protein
seadornavirus VP5 proteinVP5YESTIGR04231 (HMM): seadornavirus VP5 protein
seadornavirus VP6 proteinVP6YESPF07407 (HMM): seadornavirus VP6 protein
seadornavirus VP7 proteinVP7YESPF07387 (HMM): seadornavirus VP7
seadornavirus VP8 proteinVP8YESTIGR04233 (HMM): seadornavirus VP8 protein
seadornavirus VP9 proteinVP9YESPF08978 (HMM): reoviridae VP9
TIGR04237 (HMM): seadornavirus/coltivirus VP9 protein