Genome Property Definition Page

Namecoronavirus protein set
DescriptionA coronavirus is an unsegmented ssRNA positive-strand enveloped virus with no DNA stage. A -1 frameshift can occur in production of the replicase polyprotein.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
nonstructural protein NS3/small envelopeNS3_envEYESPF02723 (HMM): nonstructural protein NS3/Small envelope protein E
coronavirus nonstructural protein NS1NSP1NOPF06145 (HMM): coronavirus nonstructural protein NS1
replicase polyprotein NSP10 regionNSP10YESPF09401 (HMM): RNA synthesis protein NSP10
coronavirus replicase polyprotein NSP11 regionNSP11YESPF06471 (HMM): NSP11
replicase polyprotein NSP13 regionNSP13YESPF06460 (HMM): coronavirus NSP13
coronavirus nonstructural protein NS2NSP2YESPF04753 (HMM): coronavirus non-structural protein NS2
main proteaseNSP3YESPF05409 (HMM): coronavirus endopeptidase C30
replicase polyprotein NSP7 regionNSP7YESPF08716 (HMM): nsp7 replicase
replicase polyprotein NSP8 regionNSP8YESPF08717 (HMM): nsp8 replicase
replicase polyprotein NSP9 regionNSP9YESPF08710 (HMM): nsp9 replicase
papain-like proteasePLproYESPF08715 (HMM): papain-like viral protease
RNA-directed RNA Polymerase (N-terminal region)RNA_polYESPF06478 (HMM): coronavirus RPol N-terminal
coronavirus M matrix/glycoproteincoron_MYESPF01635 (HMM): coronavirus M matrix/glycoprotein
corona nucleocapsid I proteinncaps_IYESPF03187 (HMM): corona nucleocapsid I protein
coronavirus nucleocapsid proteinncapsidYESPF00937 (HMM): coronavirus nucleocapsid protein
coronavirus S1 glycoproteinspi_S1NOPF01600 (HMM): coronavirus S1 glycoprotein
coronavirus S2 glycoproteinspi_S2YESPF01601 (HMM): coronavirus S2 glycoprotein