Genome Property Definition Page

Namephlebovirus protein set
DescriptionThis Genome Property collects HMMs that describe characteristic proteins from examples of Phlebovirus, segmented ssRNA animal viruses within the Bunyaviridae. Segment M: polyprotein with G1 and G2, and NSm (the 1-375 not described?). Segment S (ambisense): N and NS (NSs). Segment L (negative): polymerase.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
glycoprotein G1Phl_G1YESPF07243 (HMM): phlebovirus glycoprotein G1
glycoprotein G2Phl_G2YESPF07245 (HMM): phlebovirus glycoprotein G2
RNA polymerase N-terminal domainPhl_L_nNOPF12603 (HMM): PF12603 family
nucleocapsid proteinPhl_NYESPF05733 (HMM): tenuivirus/phlebovirus nucleocapsid protein
nonstructural protein NSmPhl_NSmNOPF07246 (HMM): phlebovirus nonstructural protein NS-M
nonstructural protein NSsPhl_NSsNOPF11073 (HMM): rift valley fever virus non structural protein (NSs)-like
RNA dependent RNA polymerasePhl_polYESPF04196 (HMM): bunyavirus RNA dependent RNA polymerase