Genome Property Definition Page

Nameorthobunyavirus protein set
DescriptionThis Genome Property collects HMMs that describe characteristic proteins from examples of bunyavirus such as Oropouche virus, a segmented, negative-strand ssRNA animal virus. Notable features include a polyprotein with glycoprotein G2, nonstructural protein NSm, and glycoprotein G1 encoded by the M segment, an RNA polymerase encoded on segment L, and overlapping reading frames on the S segment encoding nucleocapsid protein N and nonstructural protein NSs.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
glycoprotein G1Bun_G1YESPF03557 (HMM): bunyavirus glycoprotein G1
glycoprotein G2Bun_G2YESPF03563 (HMM): bunyavirus glycoprotein G2
bunyavirus nucleocapsid proteinBun_NYESPF00952 (HMM): bunyavirus nucleocapsid protein
non-structural protein NS-mBun_NSmYESTIGR04210 (HMM): bunyavirus nonstructural protein NSm
non-structural protein NS-sBun_NSsYESPF01104 (HMM): bunyavirus non-structural protein NS-s
RNA-dependent RNA polymeraseBun_polYESPF04196 (HMM): bunyavirus RNA dependent RNA polymerase