Genome Property Definition Page

Nameorbivirus protein set
DescriptionThis Genome Property collects HMMs that describe characteristic proteins from examples of orbivirus such as bluetongue virus (BTV). These viruses are dsRNA, segmented, and include a number of mammalian pathogens transmitted by arthropod vectors. Note that NS3A from BTV differs from NS3 by starting from an alternate initiator that makes it 13 amino acids shorter.
Literature References
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Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
tubule protein NS1Orb_NS1YESPF01718 (HMM): orbivirus non-structural protein NS1, or hydrophobic tubular protein
inclusion body matrix protein NS2Orb_NS2YESPF04514 (HMM): orbivirus non-structural protein NS2
nonstructural protein NS3/NS3AOrb_NS3YESPF01616 (HMM): orbivirus NS3
nonstructural protein NS4Orb_NS4NO
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase VP1Orb_VP1YESPF05788 (HMM): orbivirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
outer capsid protein VP2Orb_VP2YESPF00898 (HMM): orbivirus outer capsid protein VP2
inner capsid protein VP3Orb_VP3YESPF01700 (HMM): orbivirus VP3 protein
capping/transmethylase enzyme VP4Orb_VP4YESPF05059 (HMM): orbivirus capping/transmethylase enzyme VP4
outer capsid protein VP5Orb_VP5YESPF00901 (HMM): orbivirus outer capsid protein VP5
helicase VP6Orb_VP6YESPF01516 (HMM): orbivirus helicase VP6
inner capsid protein VP7Orb_VP7YESPF00897 (HMM): orbivirus inner capsid protein VP7