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NameO2(Ec) antigen biosynthesis
DescriptionThe O2 antigen is a branched pentasaccharide observed in strains 1.2741 and 9.1649. It consists of the repeating unit [->3)a-L-Rha-((2<-1)-a-D-Fuc3NAc)-(1->2)-a-L-Rha-(1->3)-b-L-Rha-(1->4)-b-D-GlcNAc-(1->]. Genes for the biosynthesis of Rhamnose and 3-acylamino-fucose (Fuc3NAc), both of which arise from the same intermediate, 4,6-dideoxy-4-oxo-dTDP-D-glucose, are found within the cluster.
Parent PropertyGenProp0913: E. coli O-antigen monomer biosynthesis clusters
Literature References
[ 1 ]Jansson PE, Lennholm H, Lindberg B, Lindquist U, Svenson SB  Structural studies of the O-specific side-chains of the Escherichia coli O2 lipopolysaccharide.  Carbohydr Res. 1987 Apr 1;161(2):273-9.  PMID 3555792
[ 2 ]Fratamico PM, Yan X, Liu Y, DebRoy C, Byrne B, Monaghan A, Fanning S, Bolton D  Escherichia coli serogroup O2 and O28ac O-antigen gene cluster sequences and detection of pathogenic E. coli O2 and O28ac by PCR.  Can J Microbiol. 2010 Apr;56(4):308-16.  PMID 20453897

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
source of 3-acetamidofucoseFuc3NAcYESGenProp0964 (GENPROP): dTDP-3-acetamidofucose (dTDP-Fuc3NAc) biosynthesis from dTDP-3-aminofucose
b-L-Rha-(1->4)-b-D-GlcNAc transferaseGTR-1YES2770 (RULE_BASE)
a-L-Rha-(1->2)-a-L-Rha, ->3)-b-L-Rha transferaseGTR-2,3YES2769 (RULE_BASE)
a-D-Fuc3NAc-(1->2)-a-L-Rha transferaseGTR-4YES2768 (RULE_BASE)
source of RhamnoseRhaYESGenProp0183 (GENPROP): dTDP-L-rhamnose biosynthesis from dTDP-4-dehydro-L-rhamnose
regulatory protein GalFgalFYESTIGR01105 (HMM): regulatory protein GalF
clustered gnd enzymegndNOTIGR00873 (HMM-CLUST): 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (decarboxylating)
O2-antigen specific transporter (flippase)wzx2YES2767 (RULE_BASE)
clustered wzy proteinwzyYES2848 (RULE_BASE)
O-antigen specific chain length determinant protein wzzwzzYES2846 (RULE_BASE)

Parent Properties
GenProp0913E. coli O-antigen monomer biosynthesis clusters

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