Genome Property Definition Page

Nameuptake/catabolism system KPN_01854/KPN_01858
DescriptionThis Genome Property describes an uncharacterized system with an ABC transporter both co-clustered and phylogenetically co-distributed (although not perfectly) with a putative FMN-dependent luciferase-like monooxygenase (LLM). This system is distributed sporadically from Gram-negative (e.g. Klebsiella pneumoniae) to Gram-positive (e.g. Kineococcus radiotolerans). The substrate-binding protein contains enough information to guide construction of the two permease protein families, but these additional markers are not yet built.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
alkylhydroperoxidase domain protein, Avi_7169 familyuti_CterYESTIGR04030 (HMM): alkylhydroperoxidase domain protein, Avi_7169 family
utilization system luciferase-like monooxygenaseuti_FMNYESTIGR04027 (HMM): putative FMN-dependent luciferase-like monooxygenase, KPN_01858 family
CMD domain protein, Avi_7170 familyuti_NterYESTIGR04029 (HMM): CMD domain protein, Avi_7170 family
utilization system ABC transporter substrate binding proteinuti_SBPYESTIGR04028 (HMM): ABC transporter substrate binding protein, KPN_01854 family