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Nameradical SAM/uracil DNA glycosylase system
DescriptionThis property represents a possible DNA modification and/or repair system. One component is a protein of about 400 amino acids in length, in which the N-terminal half is a radical SAM domain and the C-terminal half is an undescribed domain. Another component is an adjacent conserved hypothetical protein, TIGR03915. About forty percent of the members of TIGR03915 have a C-terminal uracil-DNA glycosylase homology domain, suggesting a role for this cassette in DNA repair, modification, or both.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
putative uracil-DNA glycosylase, rSAM/UDG systemUDG_UDGNOTIGR03914 (HMM): uracil-DNA glycosylase family domain
uncharacterized protein, rSAM/UDG systemUDG_chpYESTIGR03915 (HMM): probable DNA metabolism protein
radical SAM protein, rSAM/UDG systeUDGrSAMYESTIGR03916 (HMM): putative DNA modification/repair radical SAM protein