Genome Property Definition Page

NameMycoplasma terminal organelle
DescriptionThe terminal organelle in Mycoplasma is responsible for both cytadherence and gliding motility. At least eleven proteins are known to be unique to this system. Names for these proteins in M. pneumoniae include HMW1, HMW2, HMW3, B, C, P65, and P1.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
terminal organelle adhesin P1MG191YESTIGR03839 (HMM): adhesin P1
terminal organelle adhesin P110MG192YES
terminal organelle protein HMW3MG317NO
adhesin P30/P32MG318YESPF07271 (HMM): cytadhesin P30/P32
terminal organelle assembly protein TopJTopJYESTIGR03835 (HMM): terminal organelle assembly protein TopJ