Genome Property Definition Page

Nameflagellar regulation
DescriptionThe expression and operation of bacterial flagella are regulated by a number of control systems.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
flagellar biosynthesis anti-sigma factor FlgMFlgMNOTIGR03824 (HMM): flagellar biosynthesis anti-sigma factor FlgM
flagellar operon sigma factor FliAFliAYESTIGR02479 (HMM): RNA polymerase sigma factor, FliA/WhiG family
flagellar regulatory protein FliZFliZNOTIGR03823 (HMM): flagellar regulatory protein FliZ
chemotaxis response regulator systemchemoNOGenProp0762 (GENPROP): chemotaxis response-regulator system