Genome Property Definition Page

Nameflagellar filament and hook complex
DescriptionThe external rotating components of the bacterial flagellum consist of a cell proximal bent hook structure, and a long, whip-like filament. Additional structures are a cap and a hook/filament juncture.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
flagellar hook protein FlgEflgENOPF07559 (HMM): flagellar basal body protein FlgE
flagellar hook-filament junction protein 1 (FlgK)flgKYESTIGR02492 (HMM): flagellar hook-associated protein FlgK
flagellar hook-filament junction protein FlgLflgLNOTIGR02550 (HMM): flagellar hook-associated protein 3
flagellar filament structural protein FliC, C-terminal domainfliC_CYESPF00700 (HMM): bacterial flagellin C-terminal helical region
flagellar filament structural protein FliC, N-terminal domainfliC_NYESPF00669 (HMM): bacterial flagellin N-terminal helical region
flagellar filament capping protein FliDfliDYESPF02465 (HMM): flagellar hook-associated protein 2