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Namebacterial core gene set, 1 or more per genome
DescriptionThis set of genes includes those which are found in every bacterial genome but may be present in multiple copies generally or in greater than 5% of genomes. An evaluation of 311 publicly available bacterial genomes found greater than 95% having at least one copy of each of these genes.
Parent PropertyGenProp0067: quantitative content
Literature References
[ 1 ]Makarova KS, Ponomarev VA, Koonin EV  Two C or not two C: recurrent disruption of Zn-ribbons, gene duplication, lineage-specific gene loss, and horizontal gene transfer in evolution of bacterial ribosomal proteins.  Genome Biol. 2001;2(9):RESEARCH 0033.  PMID 11574053

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
chaperonin GroSGroESYESPF00166 (HMM): chaperonin GroS
ATP synthase F1, alpha subunitatpAYESTIGR00962 (HMM): ATP synthase F1, alpha subunit
replicative DNA helicasednaBYESTIGR00665 (HMM): replicative DNA helicase
DNA polymerase III, alpha subunitdnaEYESTIGR00594 (HMM): DNA polymerase III, alpha subunit
translation elongation factor PefpYESTIGR00038 (HMM): translation elongation factor P
phosphopyruvate hydratase, enolaseenoYESTIGR01060 (HMM): phosphopyruvate hydratase
translation elongation factor GfusAYESTIGR00484 (HMM): translation elongation factor G
glutamyl-tRNA synthetasegltXYESTIGR00464 (HMM): glutamate--tRNA ligase
serine hydroxymethyltransferaseglyAYESPF00464 (HMM): glycine hydroxymethyltransferase
Class I heat shock protein (TCP-1/cpn60 chaperonin family)groELYESPF00118 (HMM): TCP-1/cpn60 chaperonin family
ATP-dependent metallopeptidase HflBhflBYESTIGR01241 (HMM): ATP-dependent metallopeptidase HflB
translation initiation factor IF-1infAYESTIGR00008 (HMM): translation initiation factor IF-1
lysyl-tRNA synthetaselysSYESTIGR00467 (HMM): lysine--tRNA ligase
TIGR00499 (HMM): lysine--tRNA ligase
methionine adenosyltransferasemetKYESTIGR01034 (HMM): methionine adenosyltransferase
ribose-phosphate diphosphokinaseprsAYESTIGR01251 (HMM): ribose-phosphate diphosphokinase
ribosomal protein L31rpmEYESTIGR00105 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL31
ribosomal protein L33rpmGYESTIGR01023 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL33
ribosomal protein S14rpsNYESPF00253 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS14
single-strand binding proteinssbYESTIGR00621 (HMM): single-stranded DNA-binding protein
tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetasetrpSYESTIGR00233 (HMM): tryptophan--tRNA ligase
thioredoxintrxAYESTIGR01068 (HMM): thioredoxin
translation elongation factor TutufAYESTIGR00485 (HMM): translation elongation factor Tu
membrane protein insertase, YidC/Oxa1 familyyidCYESTIGR03592 (HMM): membrane protein insertase, YidC/Oxa1 family

Parent Properties
GenProp0067quantitative content

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