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Namebacterial core gene set, exactly 1 per genome
DescriptionThis set of genes includes those which are generally found exactly one to a bacterial genome and tend to exhibit little to no lateral gene transfer events. An evaluation of 311 publicly available bacterial genomes found greater than 95% having exactly one copy of each of these genes. In certain cases, such as with glycyl-tRNA synthetase, one or more separate homofunctional gene families may combine to completely cover all bacterial genomes.
Parent PropertyGenProp0067: quantitative content

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
Alanyl-tRNA synthetasealaSYESTIGR00344 (HMM): alanine--tRNA ligase
Arginyl-tRNA synthetaseargSYESPF00750 (HMM): arginine--tRNA ligase
Aspartyl-tRNA synthetaseaspSYESTIGR00459 (HMM): aspartate--tRNA ligase
Obg family GTPase CgtAcgtAYESTIGR02729 (HMM): Obg family GTPase CgtA
dephospho-CoA kinasecoaEYESTIGR00152 (HMM): dephospho-CoA kinase
cysteinyl-tRNA synthetasecysSYESTIGR00435 (HMM): cysteine--tRNA ligase
chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaAdnaAYESTIGR00362 (HMM): chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaA
DNA primasednaGYESTIGR01391 (HMM): DNA primase
chaperone protein DnaKdnaKYESTIGR02350 (HMM): chaperone protein DnaK
DNA polymerase III, beta subunitdnaNYESTIGR00663 (HMM): DNA polymerase III, beta subunit
DNA polymerase III, subunits gamma and taudnaXYESTIGR02397 (HMM): DNA polymerase III, subunit gamma and tau
ribosome-associated GTPase EngAengAYESTIGR03594 (HMM): ribosome-associated GTPase EngA
GTP-binding protein EraeraYESTIGR00436 (HMM): GTP-binding protein Era
signal recognition particle proteinffhYESTIGR00959 (HMM): signal recognition particle protein
methionyl-tRNA formyltransferasefmtYESTIGR00460 (HMM): methionyl-tRNA formyltransferase
ribosome recycling factorfrrYESTIGR00496 (HMM): ribosome recycling factor
signal recognition particle-docking protein FtsYftsYYESTIGR00064 (HMM): signal recognition particle-docking protein FtsY
glycyl-tRNA synthetaseglySYESTIGR00389 (HMM): glycine--tRNA ligase
TIGR00388 (HMM): glycine--tRNA ligase, alpha subunit
guanylate kinasegmkYESTIGR03263 (HMM): guanylate kinase
co-chaperone GrpEgrpEYESPF01025 (HMM): co-chaperone GrpE
DNA gyrase, A subunitgyrAYESTIGR01063 (HMM): DNA gyrase, A subunit
DNA gyrase, B subunitgyrBYESTIGR01059 (HMM): DNA gyrase, B subunit
histidyl-tRNA synthetasehisSYESTIGR00442 (HMM): histidine--tRNA ligase
isoleucyl-tRNA synthetaseileSYESTIGR00392 (HMM): isoleucine--tRNA ligase
translation initiation factor IF-2infBYESTIGR00487 (HMM): translation initiation factor IF-2
translation initiation factor IF-3infCYESTIGR00168 (HMM): translation initiation factor IF-3
dimethyladenosine transferaseksgAYESTIGR00755 (HMM): ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase A
GTP-binding protein LepAlepAYESTIGR01393 (HMM): elongation factor 4
leucyl-tRNA synthetaseleuSYESTIGR00396 (HMM): leucine--tRNA ligase
DNA ligase, NAD-dependentligAYESTIGR00575 (HMM): DNA ligase, NAD-dependent
tRNA (5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridylate)-methyltransferasemnmAYESTIGR00420 (HMM): tRNA (5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridylate)-methyltransferase
MraW methylase familymraWYESPF01795 (HMM): MraW methylase family
transcription termination factor NusAnusAYESTIGR01953 (HMM): transcription termination factor NusA
transcription termination/antitermination factor NusGnusGYESTIGR00922 (HMM): transcription termination/antitermination factor NusG
phosphoglycerate kinasepgkYESPF00162 (HMM): phosphoglycerate kinase
phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase, alpha subunitpheSYESTIGR00468 (HMM): phenylalanine--tRNA ligase, alpha subunit
phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase, beta subunitpheTYESTIGR00471 (HMM): phenylalanine--tRNA ligase, beta subunit
TIGR00472 (HMM): phenylalanine--tRNA ligase, beta subunit
peptide chain release factor 1prfAYESTIGR00019 (HMM): peptide chain release factor 1
prolyl-tRNA synthetaseproSYESTIGR00408 (HMM): proline--tRNA ligase
TIGR00409 (HMM): proline--tRNA ligase
CTP synthasepyrGYESTIGR00337 (HMM): CTP synthase
recA proteinrecAYESTIGR02012 (HMM): protein RecA
ribosome-binding factor ArfbAYESTIGR00082 (HMM): ribosome-binding factor A
ribonuclease IIIrncYESTIGR02191 (HMM): ribonuclease III
ribosomal protein L1rplAYESTIGR01169 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL1
ribosomal protein L2rplBYESTIGR01171 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL2
ribosomal protein L3rplCYESPF00297 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL3
ribosomal protein L4rplDYESPF00573 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL4
ribosomal protein L5rplEYESPF00281 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL5
ribosomal protein L6rplFYESPF00347 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL6
ribosomal protein L9rplIYESTIGR00158 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL9
ribosomal protein L10rplJYESPF00466 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL10
ribosomal protein L11rplKYESTIGR01632 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL11
ribosomal protein L7/L12rplLYESTIGR00855 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL12
ribosomal protein L13rplMYESTIGR01066 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL13
ribosomal protein L14rplNYESTIGR01067 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL14
ribosomal protein L15rplOYESTIGR01071 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL15
ribosomal protein L16rplPYESTIGR01164 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL16
ribosomal protein L17rplQYESTIGR00059 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL17
ribosomal protein L18rplRYESTIGR00060 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL18
ribosomal protein L19rplSYESTIGR01024 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL19
ribosomal protein L20rplTYESTIGR01032 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL20
ribosomal protein L21rplUYESTIGR00061 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL21
ribosomal protein L22rplVYESTIGR01044 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL22
ribosomal protein L23rplWYESPF00276 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL23
ribosomal protein L24rplXYESTIGR01079 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL24
ribosomal protein L27rpmAYESTIGR00062 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL27
ribosomal protein L28rpmBYESTIGR00009 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL28
ribosomal protein L29rpmCYESTIGR00012 (HMM): ribosomal protein uL29
ribosomal protein L32rpmFYESTIGR01031 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL32
ribosomal protein L34rpmHYESTIGR01030 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL34
ribosomal protein L35rpmIYESTIGR00001 (HMM): ribosomal protein bL35
DNA-directed RNA polymerase, alpha subunitrpoAYESTIGR02027 (HMM): DNA-directed RNA polymerase, alpha subunit
DNA-directed RNA polymerase, beta subunitrpoBYESTIGR02013 (HMM): DNA-directed RNA polymerase, beta subunit
DNA-directed RNA polymerase, beta' or beta'' subunitrpoCYESTIGR02386 (HMM): DNA-directed RNA polymerase, beta' subunit
TIGR02387 (HMM): DNA-directed RNA polymerase, gamma subunit
ribosomal protein S2rpsBYESTIGR01011 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS2
ribosomal protein S3rpsCYESTIGR01009 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS3
ribosomal protein S4rpsDYESTIGR01017 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS4
ribosomal protein S5rpsEYESTIGR01021 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS5
ribosomal protein S6rpsFYESTIGR00166 (HMM): ribosomal protein bS6
ribosomal protein S7rpsGYESTIGR01029 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS7
ribosomal protein S8rpsHYESPF00410 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS8
ribosomal protein S9rpsIYESPF00380 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS9
ribosomal protein S10rpsJYESTIGR01049 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS10
ribosomal protein S11rpsKYESPF00411 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS11
ribosomal protein S12rpsLYESTIGR00981 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS12
ribosomal protein S13rpsMYESPF00416 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS13
ribosomal protein S15rpsOYESTIGR00952 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS15
ribosomal protein S16rpsPYESTIGR00002 (HMM): ribosomal protein bS16
ribosomal protein S17rpsQYESPF00366 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS17
ribosomal protein S18rpsRYESTIGR00165 (HMM): ribosomal protein bS18
ribosomal protein S19rpsSYESTIGR01050 (HMM): ribosomal protein uS19
ribosomal protein S20rpsTYESTIGR00029 (HMM): ribosomal protein bS20
preprotein translocase, SecA subunitsecAYESTIGR00963 (HMM): preprotein translocase, SecA subunit
preprotein translocase, SecE subunitsecEYESTIGR00964 (HMM): preprotein translocase, SecE subunit
preprotein translocase, SecG subunitsecGYESTIGR00810 (HMM): preprotein translocase, SecG subunit
preprotein translocase, SecY subunitsecYYESTIGR00967 (HMM): preprotein translocase, SecY subunit
seryl-tRNA synthetaseserSYESTIGR00414 (HMM): serine--tRNA ligase
SmpB proteinsmpBYESTIGR00086 (HMM): SsrA-binding protein
threonyl-tRNA synthetasethrSYESTIGR00418 (HMM): threonine--tRNA ligase
trigger factortigYESTIGR00115 (HMM): trigger factor
tRNA(Ile)-lysidine synthetasetilSYESTIGR02432 (HMM): tRNA(Ile)-lysidine synthetase
tRNA threonylcarbamoyladenosine modification protein TsaDtsaDYESTIGR03723 (HMM): tRNA threonylcarbamoyl adenosine modification protein TsaD
translation elongation factor TstsfYESTIGR00116 (HMM): translation elongation factor Ts
tyrosyl-tRNA synthetasetyrSYESTIGR00234 (HMM): tyrosine--tRNA ligase
excinuclease ABC, B subunituvrBYESTIGR00631 (HMM): excinuclease ABC subunit B
valyl-tRNA synthetasevalSYESTIGR00422 (HMM): valine--tRNA ligase
16S rRNA maturation RNase YgeYybeYYESTIGR00043 (HMM): rRNA maturation RNase YbeY
GTP-binding protein YchFychFYESTIGR00092 (HMM): GTP-binding protein YchF

Parent Properties
GenProp0067quantitative content

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