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Namegliding motility, Bacteroidetes type
DescriptionThe Bacteroidetes phylum includes many organisms capable of gliding motility over surfaces. This has been studied most thoroughly in Flavobacterium johnsoniae. The precise mechanism of the motility has yet to be determined, but a number of the genes involved have been identified by mutagenesis. The gliding phenotype is linked to the utilization of the insoluble polysaccharide chitin as well as susceptability to certain bacteriophage.
Parent PropertyGenProp0073: cell motility
Literature References
[ 1 ] Braun TF, Khubbar MK, Saffarini DA, McBride MJ   Flavobacterium johnsoniae gliding motility genes identified by mariner mutagenesis.   J Bacteriol. 2005 Oct;187(20):6943-52.  PMID 16199564

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein, GldAGldAYESTIGR03522 (HMM): gliding motility-associated ABC transporter ATP-binding subunit GldA
lipoprotein, GldBGldBYESTIGR03514 (HMM): gliding motility-associated lipoprotein GldB
unknown protein, GldCGldCNOTIGR03515 (HMM): gliding motility-associated protein GldC
lipoprotein, GldDGldDYESTIGR03512 (HMM): gliding motility-associated lipoprotein GldD
unknown protein, GldEGldENOTIGR03520 (HMM): gliding motility-associated protein GldE
ABC transporter membrane protein, GldFGldFYESTIGR03518 (HMM): gliding motility-associated ABC transporter permease protein GldF
proposed ABC transporter component, GldGGldGYESTIGR03521 (HMM): gliding-associated putative ABC transporter substrate-binding component GldG
lipoprotein, GldHGldHYESTIGR03511 (HMM): gliding motility-associated lipoprotein GldH
lipoprotein, GldIGldIYESTIGR03516 (HMM): peptidyl-prolyl isomerase, gliding motility-associated
lipoprotein, GldJGldJYESTIGR03524 (HMM): gliding motility-associated lipoprotein GldJ
TIGR03530 (HMM): gliding motility-associated lipoprotein GldJ
lipoprotein, GldKGldKYESTIGR03525 (HMM): gliding motility-associated lipoprotein GldK
TIGR03529 (HMM): gliding motility-associated lipoprotein GldK
unknown protein, GldLGldLYESTIGR03513 (HMM): gliding motility-associated protein GldL
unknown protein, GldMGldMYESTIGR03517 (HMM): gliding motility-associated protein GldM
unknown protein, GldNGldNYESTIGR03523 (HMM): gliding motility associated protein GldN
Bacteroidetes multicopy membrane proteingld_xxxNOTIGR03519 (HMM): type IX secretion system membrane protein, PorP/SprF family
Bacteroidetes multicopy C-terminal domaingld_yyyNOTIGR04131 (HMM): gliding motility-associated C-terminal domain

Parent Properties
GenProp0073cell motility

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