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Namexanthine dehydrogenase, bacillus type (pucABCDE)
DescriptionThis xanthine dehydrogenase complex is particular to a small number of organisms including Bacillus subtilis, where it has been characterized.
Parent PropertyGenProp0817: nucleotide catabolism/utilization pathways
Literature References
[ 1 ]Schultz AC, Nygaard P, Saxild HH  Functional analysis of 14 genes that constitute the purine catabolic pathway in Bacillus subtilis and evidence for a novel regulon controlled by the PucR transcription activator.  J Bacteriol. 2001 Jun;183(11):3293-302.  PMID 11344136

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
accessory factor PucApucANOPF02625 (HMM): putative xanthine dehydrogenase accessory factor
pucB genepucBNOTIGR03202 (HMM): xanthine dehydrogenase accessory protein pucB
FAD-binding domain, PucCpucCYESTIGR03199 (HMM): xanthine dehydrogenase C subunit
molybdopterin-binding subunit, pucDpucDYESTIGR03196 (HMM): xanthine dehydrogenase D subunit
Fe-S cluster-binding subunit, PucEpucEYESTIGR03198 (HMM): xanthine dehydrogenase E subunit

Parent Properties
GenProp0817nucleotide catabolism/utilization pathways

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