Genome Property Definition Page

NameVerrucomicrobium/Chthoniobacter four-plus-PEP_CTERM cassette
DescriptionVerrucomicrobium spinosum DSM 4136 and Chthoniobacter flavus Ellin428, both members of the Verrucomicrobia, have multiple homologous operons featuring four proteins with similarly narrow species distributions. Three of these families have N-terminal signal sequences typical of type IV pilus modification target proteins (see TIGR02523). The fourth is a large protein, usually > 1300 residues. The majority of these four-gene cassettes are adjacent to a PEP-CTERM protein (see TIGR02595), among the largest PEP-CTERM proteins from any species, with repetitive structure that suggests outer membrane autotransporter function (see TIGR02601). The surface structures that these cassettes may from are not yet understood.

Step NameStep NumRequiredEvidence (Method)Evidence Go Terms
operon position FOUR proteinFOURYESTIGR02596 (HMM): Verru_Chthon cassette protein D
V. spinosum long paralogous proteinONE_BIGYESTIGR02600 (HMM): Verru_Chthon cassette protein A
mid-operon proteinTHREEYESTIGR02599 (HMM): Verru_Chthon cassette protein C
V. spinosum short paralogous proteinTWOYESTIGR02598 (HMM): Verru_Chthon cassette protein B